All of these Statements are False !


False Mental Skills Training is only for elite performers. 

    The integration of mental skills into training by elite level performers has been increasingly utilized. These same skills that enhance elite performance have been shown to help athletes of all levels and abilities achieve enhanced performance.


False Individuals are either born with good mental skills or they aren’t.

    Just like physical skills, everyone has natural mental skills strengths and areas where they can improve. This means that mental skills can be learned and must be practiced to ensure these skills are learned, remain sharp, and ready to use.


False Mental skills training can provide a quick fix & instant success.

    Good mental skills aren't enough for achieving peak performance, just like good physical skills alone rarely lead to success.  Mental skills need to be practiced together with physical training in order to maximize one's potential.  Keep in mind that hard work does not guarantee success, but it does make it possible for you to make the most of your abilities and the challenges you face. 


False Only ‘sick’ individuals need mental skills training.

    Performance excellence consulting is not designed to treat serious issues such as depression or eating disorders, rather it is designed to help individuals achieve peak performances and increase enjoyment and satisfaction.